Picture of today of part of PI3XDV, my FM and DV repeater system for 10m, 6m, 4m, 2m and 70 cm (two outputs and 8 inputs).

@PA0ETE that looks really cool! Can you tell me some more about it?

@M0YNG Hi Christopher. It is an experiment in progress. I don't target long distances, but rather testing the technology. At the moment on the left you see a D-STAR hotspot, in- and output on 430,975 MHz. On the right side is the FM-part, with in- and output on 144,875 (input goes only via EchoLink or as a parrot, the analog repeater is PI3XDV-R on EchoLink). Analog has inputs on 439,975 MHz (9 MHz above the D-STAR-frequenciy), and on 29,610 MHz, 50,570 MHz, 70,350 MHz (switched of....

@M0YNG ...spor E disturbances). On the same location (the place where I live) there is also a beacon (PI7ETE) on 28,302 MHz. The repeater normally is linked to an FM repeater on 70 cm in Kampen (50 km's from here) and a Tetra-repeater in Putten (15 km from here). There are several plans, f.i. making 70 cm D-STAR, DMR and FM, a gateway D-STAR <> DMR <> FM. The most important experiment is with a chat system via the repeater which is partly ready (time is always a problem :-) )

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